MachineShop Data Collection is a set of highly robust, scalable, near real-time services specifically designed for integration of OT Systems and Devices to provide them RESTful API interfaces. API's provided include the ability to define, configure and receive information from these systems and devices without the need to update or change the communications protocol.

Data Collection services expose a set of very granular RESTful API's to enable communications with a variety of OT devices, IT systems, IoT devices, databases and other systems. In order to communicate with these end points, a simple translator connector is developed and published via templates to MachineShop through an API. Generally, connectivity and communication to an endpoint can be accomplished in just a few hours.

In addition to physical devices, services are available to preform actions such as Continuous Query of databases, interface to Storm, interface to a published stream, or even make polling calls to an external system. All of these actions are initiated by simple API service calls. Once the connection is established, there needs to be no further action from your application. MachineShop will continue to ingest the data and provide normalized information to your application.

  • Translators, Connectors and Micro Ingestors

  • These simple services, provided by MachineShop or externally published by a subscriber, handle the conversion of the data from external systems, devices, streams, and databases into normalized JSON structured data

  • No agent software is required; Endpoints continue to communicate using their existing data format/protocol

  • Endpoints are defined using a RESTful API, which will create the data elements that should be reported for this endpoint; There are no restrictions on the type, size, or kind of information that can be defined in the data record

  • Using our optional Device and Data Management services, communications to the endpoints can be bi-directional using the same JSON structures

  • Authentication and Security

  • All reports into MachineShop Data Collection services are authenticated against a specific user to insure complete data privacy. Only the authorized owner of the endpoint has the ability to collect information from that endpoint

  • Existing security protocols can be maintained including data encryption

  • VPN clients are also supported

  • Interfaces and Protocols

  • A wide variety of interfaces are available in the Data Collection service including: tcp, udp, sms, email, stream, subscribe, MQTT, XML

  • Custom protocols can also be easily supported

  • Real Time Processing

  • Data Collection services are designed to be a highly scalable, redundant and fault tolerant system insuring no message loss and near 100% availability

  • Data Collection services are designed to be a near real time service; Typical message transaction times are 25-60 ms depending on deployment option (EDGE or CLOUD)

  • Last Report Speed

  • The last reported data record is cached for extremely fast retrieval by an application via API

  • Inbound Report Metering

  • Like all services offered by MachineShop, each transaction within our Data Collection services is recorded and can be used to limit usage or provide usage reporting for potential monetization

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