As the number of data sources increases within your network, the amount of traffic generated by these sources could be enormous. Many customers are finding that having some level of edge intelligence is critical to prevent network overload. Using MachineShop’s EDGE deployment model, your enterprise can use gateways to receive your data source traffic and filter the information to only relay actionable data items upstream to your application in the LAN or the cloud.

  • Using MachineShop Rules and Events to Filter for Actionable Data

  • Many data sources report at a very high frequency their current state. However, most of this data is redundant. For example, a temperature sensor may report every 30 seconds and it will generally report the same value many times in a row. Most applications are only looking for changes in temperature or trends along the temperature.

  • Using a MachineShop rule API, your application can define a specific event that should be generated when a reported field from a data source exceeds a value. Using this rule, the event could trigger a push of a report to your application or a host of other notification options effectively filtering the data to a much smaller set with lower bandwidth requirements. When using a WAN, such as GSM, this filtering can have a significant affect on the cost of your network transmissions.

  • EDGE API Services

  • MachineShop EDGE provides many of the same API’s that are available from our cloud or private network deployments. Using a common authorization scheme and API structure, your application can communicate with either our EDGE gateway or our cloud services using the same API structure. Wherever the application is connected, it has access to the same information.

  • EDGE Cluster

  • MachineShop EDGE devices have the capability of self-discovery within the same subnet on your LAN. Using this method, EDGE provides a certain amount of redundancy of the data source reported information to assure no data loss. This method also allows your application to communicate with any gateway on our network and receive data reports from a device on ANY gateway within the network. No longer do you need to connect to a specific gateway for information.

  • Using the EDGE cluster, the gateways can also operate as a connection to the MachineShop cloud service for longer term data storage or combinations with data from other gateways within your larger enterprise. This data can be transferred using secure channels or VPNs as needed to maintain security of your data.

  • EDGE Configuration

  • MachineShop EDGE gateways contain local web browsers that enable you to configure and deploy using a web browser connected to the gateway. In addition, if the gateway is to be deployed in a method allowing it to communicate with MachineShop cloud, our cloud services can also provide configuration directly via API from your application. Firmware updates and other diagnostics API’s are also available either locally or from our cloud services if connected.

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