Depending on edge device configuration or network, customer applications may be required to send configuration or other commands. This set of services facilitates the ability for your application to send these commands to your edge devices or systems without the need for detailed understanding of device protocols, communications paths, or command structure.

For devices that are operating on cellular networks, additional API's are available that will communicate with your carriers’ subscription management platform to allow you to have full application control of the subscription. The ability to control subscriptions allows for maximizing the value of your subscription and potentially lowering costs.

If required, MachineShop Device and Data Source Management services can handle complex communications including the need to send specific messages to request the device to "wake up", completely transparently to your application.

  • Complete Transactional Command Service

  • Application commands are treated as transactions, which are assigned transaction IDs for correlation of command completion

  • Command transactions are RESTful; No waiting for command completion

  • A variety of command completion notifications are available: http callback, poll request

  • Wireless Carrier Subscription Management

  • MachineShop services are available to handle the most common carrier subscription requests including: activate, deactivate, rate plans

  • Multiple carrier support using your existing account

  • Complex Command Structure Support

  • Pre-commands to "wake up" devices is handled automatically

  • Internal Command Translation

  • Application developers use a simple JSON structure to set the various values of a command

  • Commands issued to our services are handled by our translator/connectors and do not require formatting

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