API Management is becoming an integral part of most enterprise solutions. MachineShop provides a rich set of API's that enable customers to define API endpoints (even renaming those provided by MachineShop), create custom API's, integrate to external third-party API's (API Proxy), define users, set limits/meters and many more options.

Using MachineShop API Management services, you can create a truly integrated developer experience. Most applications make calls to multiple services in order to fulfill the business use case required. For example, a telematics application may use maps from Google, subscription services from a wireless carrier, and geolocation and routing services from another third-party. In the past, developers had to learn all the different API structures for each of these services. Using MachineShop API Management services customers can create unified RESTful API-enabled services that proxy to various external services using their authentication, documentation, and URL structure.

Multiple application authentication methods are supported. MachineShop services can be protected by the use of: OAUTH, OAUTH2, LDAP, and Simple Token. Custom security protocols are also supported. All services within MachineShop require authentication.

Internal services can be exposed to external partners using API Management services with authentication and usage limits. With MachineShop customers can maintain security of their internal systems behind the firewall while exposing required elements in a secure and scalable way.

API Management services  includes the ability to meter and control usage information for potential monetization, as every transaction within MachineShop is tracked and recorded.

Developer portals can be easily created to expose customers and partners to all the services available. A sample web application is available from MachineShop’s repository to use as a framework example.

  • Integrated Developer Experience

  • All services for customers and developers are exposed as RESTful API's

  • Custom endpoint naming is supported for hosting within your domain namespace

  • Integrated documentation tied to user authentication

  • Complete API Proxy Services

  • Free form API definitions

  • Parameter transformation capabilities allow for insertion of specialized fields

  • Fully definable via API or use our example UI within our sample web portal

  • Usage and Monetization

  • Each user token can be assigned specific limits and meters for each service call

  • Limits and Meters can be defined via API and changed at any time

  • Limits can be defined by number per period

  • Meters can be assigned to limit transaction volumes per time period

  • Cross Domain API Services

  • Any exposed endpoint can be assigned to any other service endpoint within your domain or on a different domain

  • Cross security zone services are allowed to expose firewall protected services using specific authentication protocols

  • Authentication

  • Multiple authentication protocols are supported including: OAUTH, OAUTH2, Token, LDAP

  • Token management API's are available for expiring token solutions

  • Integration to enterprise security systems can easily be implemented

  • Application and User Permissions

  • Each user account can be assigned to any combination of available services

  • Multi-tier account management is support for enterprise customers

  • User token management and assignment is available via API

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