The World May Be Round - But it Has an Edge

Blog - World Has An Edge

Today is the most exciting day in MachineShop’s history - no really it is. Today marks the launch of our new Edge Computing strategy and platform. It’s not as much a pivot as it is a complete and total focus on something we’ve been doing for more than 2 years.

Today we become, The Edge Computing CompanyTM.

Enterprise computing is beginning a dramatic shift back toward the center - to a world in which data can be consumed, analyzed and acted upon as much at the edge as it is in the cloud. And why not? For the cost of an average laptop, business can buy ten edge gateways or even more embedded computers that can consume, analyze and act upon petabytes of real time data streaming from hundreds and thousands of devices, many of which are not even Internet-enabled.

More than a platform for computing at the edge, MachineShop is the ultimate orchestrator and integrator.

The cloud is one of the most monumental technology innovations in the Internet age - we embrace this enthusiastically. The cloud can and should be used for large scale, long-term storage and analytics of aggregated historical data from many locations. Most enterprise and consumer applications should be in the cloud. That’s why our new platform is as much about simple and seamless integration of edge data and device management functionality into any cloud infrastructure, platform or application that a customer chooses. We are proud to be one of a handful of AWS IoT Competency Partners where we’ve committed resources to simplifying edge to enterprise integration leveraging the dominant IoT platform in the market today.

Leveraging new and legacy infrastructure is a key part of our strategy. As organizations continue to integrate IT and OT systems, traditional IT leaders like Dell, Cisco and HPE are moving aggressively into device-centric edge computing roles. MachineShop is proud to be partnering with these infrastructure providers as well offering customers the opportunity to deploy MachineShop Edge on a wide-range of legacy gateways and routers too.

Today we begin our new mission to help return balance within distributed computing architectures. And we absolutely believe we can help save businesses billions of dollars and remove unnecessary latency in mission- and business-critical applications. It’s a bold move, the timing is right and we couldn’t be more excited. We look forward to sharing this journey with hundreds of partners and customers - because there’s a lot of work to do in this world with an edge.