The Internet of Services - Part 2

Blog - Internet of Services 2


Tens of billions of connected systems, things, ecosystems. So what?


If Carl Sagan was alive today and he saw what we’re talking about, he would simply repeat the word “trillions” over and over again. My IQ is a fraction of Dr. Sagan’s, but like him, I see something incredible that others seem to just gloss over. I see the trillions and trillions of interactions and transactions between things, their data, networks, applications, systems and users. Literally, there are an innumerable number of interconnections in this cosmos, or is it chaos?


Let’s be honest, the Internet of Things has existed for decades. Things have been networked for a long time. So what’s different?

First, many, many more of them will be connected than ever before. Second, the amount of data they create is BIG. Third, the number of data-consumers today is almost immeasurable, whether they are apps, people or even other things. Fourth, organizations will soon begin to reject the data silos that have been perpetuated by the largest system vendors in many markets. They will demand that these systems open themselves and share the critical data locked inside.

But can we really experience the power of this opportunity if we engage through proprietary protocols and platforms? Trillions is just not a manageable number unless we simplify and standardize the way we engage the connected world.

Regardless of how you solve this problem, or exploit this opportunity in your organization, just remember, trillions. I like the sound of that number.