The Internet of Services – Part 1

Blog - Internet of Services 2-1

On the horizon I see billions of physical things all connected to some network and ultimately to the Internet. The Internet of Things, as we call it today, is one of the most exciting, transformative opportunities for enterprises, consumers and even public institutions since the Internet itself.

But with all due respect, and lots of it, there’s a bit of a problem with this emerging opportunity. Now we have tens of billions of Internet-enabled systems, spewing petabytes of data every day. Like the Tower of Babel, does anyone understand all this noise? How do we communicate with and engage the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Services is how.

Imagine if every connected system had its own unique API and the metadata collected from a group of systems, or an entire enterprise and its ecosystem had APIs. Imagine how simple it would be to consume key information and events, to make decisions and take actions – all through a set of secured, metered and managed services.

The Internet of Services will replace monolithic platforms whose time has passed. Developers are growing weary of learning platforms and building or integrating applications in it or on it. Just as “Apps” are replacing traditional “Applications” so to will “APIs” replace “Platforms”.

The Internet of Services is a maturing phenomenon. Building and integrating with discrete services and APIs will require vigilance. Its flexibility and extensibility must be coupled with attention to security, scalability, manageability and performance. For two years, MachineShop has been silently building technology to help organizations and their developers harness the power of the Internet of Services. Together we will engage a connected and integrated world in a new and disruptive way.