Not all IoT Middleware is Alike

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Last month, ABI Research issued a new report "IoT Middleware: Application Enablement Platforms and Services,” and not surprisingly, the report indicates that IoT middleware platforms have gained momentum in 2014 and are considered a critical element in IoT solution enablement.

The ABI report cites three major indicators that validate the value of Application Enablement Platforms (AEP) – the broad category used to describe the 28 vendors covered. They include: market consolidation through acquisition, GE’s announcement on how its making its Predix platform available for third party use, and Intel creating an IoT strategy that incorporates AEP vendors, all of which demonstrate market value and the importance of IoT middleware.

The report continues by assessing the application enablement supplier landscape. We are pleased to be included, along with respected companies like Axeda, ThinkWorx, Xively and 2lemetry, among others and we are equally pleased that the report notes that MachineShop offers clear differentiators from both an architectural and go to market perspective.

ABI identifies MachineShop as a “Next Gen AEP” - which includes new entrants that look at all markets for their services, not just one particular vertical or application:

MachineShop is targeting enterprise application developers who do not want to spend time on writing code to decipher machine data. It wants to do the heavy lifting for the developer, i.e., handle machine data ingestion, interpretation, storage, and machine data rule execution. MachineShop’s core competency is building, managing, and monetizing APIs that call for machine data.

MachineShop has long known that middleware - and importantly a new approach to middleware - is a key element in driving IoT growth. Being the only IoT platform that takes an API-first approach, MachineShop enables all processes to be expressed as discrete services without the limitations of a proprietary platform. The true distinction is that MachineShop is a Platform of Services as opposed to a Platform as a Service. This unique approach transforms the way enterprises and developers build, integrate and manage solutions
to unlock business value and intelligence.

As the report concludes, the path to success for IoT middleware providers will vary depending on strategic choices with products, services, partnerships, and vertical markets. Along these lines, MachineShop believes its approach can create significant business value by allowing organizations across markets to align their information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) functions and systems. IT/ OT alignment represents a step change in operational efficiency and is a foundational element of enterprise business growth. By marrying the use of APIs with standard, discrete, purpose-built services, organizations can harness the power of data from enterprise IoT and give power and control back to the enterprise as opposed to the IT/OT domain leaders who dictate monolithic platforms and impenetrable data silos.

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