What’s in a Logo; I Mean, Our New Logo?

MachineShop Logo Change-2

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received several messages from customers and partners commenting about our logo refresh. I’m delighted that people have noticed the evolution and even happier that the feedback (so far) has been all positive.

We’ve really had 3 iterations of our logo since we came out of stealth mode in 2014. Each a little more refined and, honestly, each with real intent behind the changes. Our first logo in 2014 was a literal gear - representing something very tangible, industrial and what you might find in an older machine shop. The modern machine shop probably doesn’t have a lot of gears in it - at least not visible gears, but it is a place where things happen with incredible precision and reliability. It’s a place that builds the pieces that make whole systems work together. Modern machine shops are also places where some of the most advanced operational technology meets bleeding edge software. Literally, bare metal meets software. The end result is something incredibly beautiful and functional.

Fast forward to 2019.

Today MachineShop is the place where bare metal meets operating systems, management software, virtualization technology and little or no latency in decision making. It’s where work gets done - work that few companies can do and work that used to require an enormous amount of menial, tedious coding and integration.

Our EdgeIQ software platform provides some of the most powerful computing tools to organizations and individuals which value distributed computing. Today’s market leaders are organizations and individuals who recognize that workloads must be shared between the edge and the cloud - and most of all - that they begin at the edge.

Reflecting the bridge we build between operational technology and information technology, we softened (yet deepened) our color pallette. We embraced colors that are more common in enterprise technology businesses, while maintaining our ‘edge’. The new logo itself also captures a meaningful representation of our value to customers and the capabilities used by all who come into contact with EdgeIQ. There are three pillars of our offering today:

  • Operational Device Management
  • Service Orchestration
  • Data Orchestration

Two key elements of these functional pillars inspired the new logo. In our Operational Device Management (ODM) offering, we provide a complete lifecycle of features that begins with Onboarding and ends with Decommissioning (Provisioning, Monitoring and Software Update Management are in the middle of that cycle).

In the latter two pillars, there is an explicit reference to the power of Service and Data Orchestration. We help automate and manage intelligent workflows and integrations that are so important in today’s distributed computing solutions. Whether it’s device lifecycle management or automated and intelligent workflow management - EdgeIQ delivers a dynamic, interactive and intelligent set of tools that really do bridge edge devices with upstream applications and services. There is an elegance and power to what we do, and that’s precisely what we tried to capture with our little brand refresh.

We try not to overthink these kinds of things, but when we asked our designer to put a fresh brush to the palette, we did so with deliberation - we’re glad you noticed.