MachineShop Joins EdgeX Foundry as a Founding Member

Blog - MachineShop Joins EdgeX Foundry as a Founding Member

(Hannover, Germany and Denver, CO - April 25, 2017) - MachineShop, the Edge Computing Company, today announced it has joined the Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry as a founding member. The EdgeX Foundry is an open source project to build a common, open framework for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing. It will also provide for an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT. MachineShop joins other industry leading partners to help advance the simplification and standardization of Industrial IoT solutions.

Overcoming Challenges at the Edge

Joining the EdgeX Foundry will allow the MachineShop to expand its work addressing the challenges that exist when trying to connect multiple, disparate systems into new and existing business solutions. Overcoming the challenges associated with retrieving data from devices using proprietary protocols or other closed architectures is a major focus of EdgeX and an area where MachineShop has significant expertise to contribute as well.

“We are excited to join EdgeX as a founding member along with many of our colleagues in the Industrial IoT market. MachineShop brings a unique perspective to EdgeX through our singular focus on Edge computing and the challenges of IT/OT integration.” said Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer, MachineShop.

About EdgeX Foundry

EdgeX Foundry is an open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation building a common open framework for IoT edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions. Designed to run on any hardware or operating system and with any combination of application environments, EdgeX enables developers to quickly create flexible IoT edge solutions that can easily adapt to changing business needs. To learn more, visit:

About MachineShop

MachineShop is the Edge Computing Company. We are changing the world by providing powerful, yet compact and inexpensive computing solutions at the edge of the enterprise that allows customers to consume, analyze and act upon data where it is generated. Our flagship product is MachineShop Edge, a software platform that runs on gateways, routers, servers or fully integrated connected products. MachineShop Edge also provides a seamless bridge to leading cloud services where information can be intelligently aggregated, analyzed and acted upon with tremendous efficiency.

Our technology is used by thousands of businesses around the world and annually saves customers and partners millions of dollars by simplifying the way they incorporate edge devices and data into their operations. And we are just getting started.