MachineShop and Women Who Code

Blog - MachineShop and Women Who Code

Women Who Code…what a fantastic idea for an event, and we can confirm that it is, in fact, very cool. What exactly is this? A network dedicated to connecting women in the tech world and empowering them with the skills to advance in a typically male dominated field.  Women Who Code reach has extended across 20,000 women developers and 15 countries!

This non-profit organization hosts a range of events, from technical study groups to demos, to talks from notable speakers. MachineShop recently attended The Denver chapter meetup with a focus on “How to Connect the Internet of Things.” The evening kicked off with a presentation by Laurie Lambreth. As one of two leaders of the Women Who Code Denver chapter, Lambreth is known as a business development “black belt”, one of the “Women of M2M”, and a “Power Player in Mobile.” Basically she is a big deal and MachineShop was thrilled to have the opportunity to present alongside her.

Laurie presented a piece she recently had published in Connected World titled “Not Your Father’s Platform”, focusing on emerging trends with IoT Platforms. This piece featured MachineShop, highlighting our “new-school” approach of simplifying complex functions like managing systems and devices, connecting to a mobile network and incorporating data rom a variety of sources into a single an application – through RESTful APIs.

MachineShop’s Alison Jones, demonstrated our platform of services capabilities by showing how a report triggered a rule which, in turn, sent an SMS to her phone. A simple mapping application was used to track the phone reporting into MachineShop as it was carried around the building, illustrating how MachineShop’s API-centric middleware can be used to collect data, apply business rules, and integrate with 3rd party applications for asset tracking a variety of other use cases.

Women Who Code proved to be a very informative and community building event and we highly recommend finding a chapter in your area.  It’s also inspiring to connect with the likes of Laurie Lambreth and discussing what’s on the tech horizon.