Industrial Internet Consortium Update

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Attending the first official meeting of the Industrial Internet Consortium, there was tremendous excitement about the potential of this group of industry leaders to help shape the future of technology surrounding the huge opportunity of the IoT. Starting with the announcements that the organization has now grown to over 50 members from the initial 5 (AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel). MachineShop was one of the first to recognize the power of this organization when joining in April.

Several group meetings were held as we are trying to focus on the major use cases and grand challenges of the Industrial Internet. Technology meetings were help in the following areas:

Security - focusing on several unique use cases, the Security working group discussed various methods that might be used to insure that a specific endpoint is trusted. Having trusted endpoints is critical to being able to verify information that is being transmitted by endpoints.

Frameworks - since IIC is not a standards organization, it is developing some key views around a general framework on how the industry internet should be organized. Given all the varying points of view around the market and use cases, there was a lot of discussion on using some existing models as frameworks.

Use cases - all of the work being driven by the various technology groups is focused on solving problems identified by various use cases. Having more members is helping with the definition of use cases and making sure that all of the work in the technology groups will satisfy the use cases. MachineShop presented its use case focused on the use of Services exposed by API’s that could be used to communicate, control and enhance data from trusted devices.

Other meetings were also held focused on terminology, marketing, and the potential for creating a test bed that could be used to demonstrate solutions to specific industrial internet use cases.

The IIC has made good progress for an organization that is only a few months old and growing fast. The key challenge is to now gather all the input form the members, organize the information, and prepare to present some initial work product for the next meeting in Austin in September. MachineShop is participating as an active member of the frameworks and user cases team.