MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell, Talks Edge Intelligence at Upcoming Boston IoT Meetup

Boston IoT Meetup - Security at the Edge-1

This Monday, April 4th, 2016, MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell, will speak on a panel of industry leaders at the Boston/New England Internet of Things Meetup at the MathWorks headquarters in Natick, MA. The topic for this event is “Beyond Connectivity: Security, Analytics & More At The Edge,” and as such, will be focused on the capabilities and precautions of IoT at the edge of the network - the device level from where the zettabytes of IoT data is initially generated and ingested.

The agenda for the event is as follows:

Reception: 6pm – 7pm

Program: 7pm – 9pm

  1. Welcome – MathWorks and IoT Meetup Team
  2. Security at The Edge – Robert F. Lentz, President, Cyber Security Strategies (keynote)
  3. Integrating Analytics and Embedded Algorithms – Rob Purser, MathWorks
  4. Analytics and Microservices – Michael Campbell, MachineShop
  5. Unlocking Stranded Data and Accelerating ROI – Steve Roberts, KE2 Therm
  6. Discussion
  7. Meeting Housekeeping

For more information on the event visit the official Meetup page.