Creating Value Through Partnerships

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Meaningful partnerships can be the foundation of a successful business. Partnerships are what enable many companies to innovate at a rapid pace and deliver value to a broader set of customers and markets. Any marketer, product manager or business line o

wner understands how challenging it can be to bring new products, solutions or services to market that not only satisfy the needs of existing customers, but generate new interest. It takes a whole lot of time, effort and consistent strategy – especially for those in markets as dynamic as the Internet of Things.

In support of our goal of delivering innovative and highly differentiated products, MachineShop recently announced two additions to our growing partnership community – Intech and Ribera Solutions. As a pioneer in telecommunications R&D, Intech brings a unique ability to deliver customized IT and telecommunication solutions while Ribera Solutions, a dynamic application development company, has partnered with MachineShop to support customer driven application development requirements.

These important partnerships uniquely meet MachineShop’s plans of rapidly evolving our next-generation middleware offering, providing customers with new ways to build innovative applications, and expanding our reach into key market segments.

In addition to our development partnerships, technology infrastructure partners play a key role in MachineShop’s success as well. One such partnership has been highlighted in a recent blog post published by MongoDB. See: MongoDB at MachineShop.

When aggregating disparate data sources to be processed by central business logic and served up through a standard RESTful API, MachineShop needed a database solution that could accommodate multi-structured data and give us high-throughput. We also needed a solution that is easy to scale as we add customers and increase the number data inputs supported. MongoDB supports all of this and more.

These are but a few of the important partnerships MachineShop has developed to date and we are proud to be in such good company. Stay tuned for more news on the value of partnerships as we announce several more relationships already in place and others just around the corner!