Add One to the List - Another Edge Computing Consortium

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A group of Japan-based organizations announced the formation of the EdgeCross Consortium. The goal, like that of EdgeX Foundry is to create an open edge computing platform.

Last month, a group of six Japanese organizations created yet another edge computing consortium called the EdgeCross Consortium. Initial participants include Advantec Co., Ltd., Omron Corporation, NEC Corporation, IBM Japan, Ltd., Oracle Corporation Japan, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The new entity, like the new-ish EdgeX Foundry, is working on specifications that will lead to the creation of an open software platform. Is it me, or is a ‘cross’ and an ‘X’ pretty much the same thing?

Beyond EdgeX and EdgeCross, there is also the OpenFog Consortium and the Industrial Internet Consortium. That’s at least four different consortia working on specifications, standards and/or competing open source platforms. Discussions with and among technology providers and consumers on these topics is a great idea but the notion of creating open source platforms seems a little counterproductive. In full disclosure, MachineShop is a member of the EdgeX Foundry which was essentially created by Dell and donated to The Linux Foundation and is now one of its projects.