Recent ABI Research Report Validates Key Pillar of MachineShop’s Strategy

Blog - Recent ABI Research

“Hardware is hard” is a key pronouncement from the recent ABI Research report citing the evolution of hardware development kits in the IoT Value Chain. There is a blurring of the lines between hardware and software providers as the market embraces the need for more simplicity and the importance of value added services. These value added services will also become a key source of revenue and differentiation to hardware vendors. 

Today, MachineShop is actively engaged with a growing number of OEMs, semiconductor and other device manufacturers to help modernize their legacy SDKs or HDKs. With our help, they will move to more contemporary API-based experiences leveraging our Cloud and Embedded Edge software. Our API-centric architecture allows hardware vendors to build and offer their very own ‘development platform’. This approach provides them far more control and ownership of the developer and customer relationship than relying on third party platforms.

MachineShop serves this market segment with the same technologies that are used by enterprise customers and solution providers. We are truly enabling the entire value chain in the connected enterprise with the market’s only API-based offering. To learn more, contact us at or visit


Read ABI Reasearch's Application Development Services for IoT Hardware Report. 

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