Zero-touch configuration, remote monitoring and management of connected devices is a challenge for hardware vendors and and table stakes for your customers. MachineShop Edge and EdgeIQ make it easy to deploy thousands of devices globally with the assurance of simple, reliable monitoring and management.

Beyond deployment and monitoring, MachineShop provides important diagnostic data that allows customers to troubleshoot hardware and network issues. Customers or hardware vendors can remotely change configurations, update firmware and a wide range of other key functions. Almost all device management capabilities can be managed through EdgeIQ, a very intuitive and feature rich web application.

MachineShop Edge runs as a standard Linux application on a wide range of supported hardware platforms - both legacy and new, ARM and Intel-based architectures. It requires no changes to your firmware and simply involves basic configuration to ensure that the platform is interacting with native management interfaces and control mechanisms. The platform and configuration tools act as an abstraction layer across multiple hardware products, firmware types, networks and more.

Not only does the platform allow hardware vendors and customers to simplify device deployment and management, but it also enables orchestration of data and other workflows into common cloud infrastructure. Customers can choose from leading IaaS and PaaS providers including AWS, Microsoft, IBM and many applications too. MachineShop provides the tools that allow hardware vendors and their customers to exploit the power and possibilities of Edge Computing.

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