MachineShop Integrates Its Edge Computing Platform with AWS IoT

Connecting Billions of Edge Devices to AWS IoT is Now as Simple as an API Call

BOSTON, MA and Santa Clara, CA – July 13, 2016 – In conjunction with the AWS Summit event in Santa Clara, MachineShop today announced it has integrated MachineShop Edge with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform, and thereby extending support for the wide range of AWS services for things like data management and analytics. MachineShop is a leading provider of API-based device enablement and data integration services for the connected enterprise. Unlike traditional platforms available in the market, which provide little more than agents that connect to cloud services, MachineShop’s AWS IoT integration creates an unmatched framework for seamless Edge-to-Cloud computing.

MachineShop Edge is a set of services that run locally on Linux-based small footprint embedded devices, microcomputers, gateways and other connected products. It is a RESTful API-based platform that dramatically simplifies device configuration and data management while providing rich computing capabilities. MachineShop’s Edge offering is far more than just a simple connector of cloud-based applications and infrastructure, it is a standalone set of services that can monitor and manage a range of connected devices, attached data sources and even the networks they operate on.


Simplifying Device Integration and Management for AWS IoT

With MachineShop, developers and businesses can integrate devices to AWS IoT through simple API calls that streamline the process of integrating to AWS protocols and completely eliminates the need for any embedded programming. This accelerates device onboarding and dramatically reduces test and deployment time. MachineShop Edge also enables zero-touch configuration.


Device Management at the Edge and In the Cloud through AWS IoT Device Shadows

An AWS IoT Device Shadow is a JSON document that is used to store and retrieve current state information for a connected device. Traditionally, shadow resources were designed to mirror the current state of a device or gateway, but with MachineShop’s integrated services, the functionality of shadows is extended to support command and control. This means developers can now send specific commands to devices using a shadow resource via a simple RESTful API. MachineShop manages the transaction and response to applications.


MachineShop Compliments the Power of AWS IoT with True Edge Computing

By installing the lightweight MachineShop Edge service onto Linux-enabled gateways or devices, organizations significantly accelerate the onboarding, configuration, and management of devices connected to the AWS IoT Cloud. Additional features of the MachineShop Edge-AWS IoT integration Include:


  • Local Rules and Event processing. Any data source integrated into MachineShop Edge can have its status reports processed and filtered by MachineShop’s configurable rules engine. In addition to standard actions, the integration allows for the relay of reports to AWS IoT automatically based on values reported. Using this approach, organizations can limit the bandwidth of reports to AWS, thus reducing overall transport and infrastructure costs by relaying only relevant information to upstream applications.
  • Integrated MQTT Broker Services. MachineShop Edge includes a full MQTT client solution for the relay of data to AWS IoT. This eliminates the need for developers to build their own broker or integrate open source solutions. It also ensures your AWS Shadow Resources stay “in-sync.”
  • Setup and Configuration Services. MachineShop Edge has a tightly coupled capability to the MachineShop Cloud service for the initial setup and configuration of AWS IoT solutions. To setup and provision any number of devices or gateways, simply make a RESTful API call to MachineShop’s service that integrates with AWS Configuration.
  • Periodic Heartbeat reports on status. MachineShop Edge has the capability to periodically report various status variables directly to AWS IoT Shadow Resources. These heartbeats are particularly helpful for monitoring the health of devices and facilitating predictive maintenance.
  • Communicate with AWS IoT without Developing Custom Code. MachineShop Edge provides local API’s for the relay of information into shadow resources, effectively taking care of all the complex “plumbing” necessary to make these connections. This allows developers to focus on value-added features of their solutions and product and not dwell on the infrastructure.


To learn more, visit the our AWS IoT Partner page or download the full MachineShop Edge Overview.


About MachineShop

MachineShop is an enterprise software company focused on simplifying the way organizations integrate and act upon operational data and the systems that generate it. MachineShop’s offering is collection of API-based services and tools for data acquisition and integration, device management and application enablement. Through our “Internet of Services,” organizations bridge the chasm between connected operational systems (OT) and their legacy IT business systems and customer applications. MachineShop is the only software company that provides a common framework for deploying and managing services at the Edge and in the Cloud. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @MachineShopIO. 



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