MachineShop Joins Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program to Bring Intelligence and Management to the Edge


MachineShop Complements Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series with API-Based Device Enablement and Operational Data Integration

Boston, MA – April 19, 2016 – MachineShop, the industry leading enterprise integration company for connected businesses, announced today that they have joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program. The Program is a multi-tiered ecosystem of technology providers and domain experts focused on complementing Dell’s broad portfolio of IoT-enabling technologies.

MachineShop EDGE technology has been ported and qualified to run seamlessly on the Dell Edge Gateway. By integrating the local and cloud-based services provided by MachineShop EDGE, customers will benefit from simplified hardware management and API-based services for accelerating IT/OT integration.

MachineShop is a pioneer in API-enabling connected devices and data sources, dramatically simplifying the way organizations bridge IT and OT, or Operations Technology. Unlike most IoT-focused technology providers, MachineShop is a not merely a cloud-platform for enabling IoT applications. Rather, MachineShop is collection of API-based services and tools that are easily deployed in hybrid architectures – both edge and cloud – for enablement and integration of connected devices and their data. Through MachineShop EDGE, customers and partners can operate complex data ingestion and device management functions from edge-based gateways and even embedded computers without having to send massive amounts of unnecessary unfiltered data to the cloud. Beyond intelligence at the edge, MachineShop’s EDGE services also simplify the out-of-the-box configuration/monitoring/management experience for customers.

“We are excited to be a part of the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program,” said MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell. “Since our inception, we have always recognized the importance of distributing data intelligence and management capabilities to the edge of the network. Dell is a major advocate of the importance of edge computing, and we look forward to working with them to solve real-world data and systems integration problems.”


About MachineShop
MachineShop is an enterprise software company serving the needs of the Industrial and Enterprise IoT markets. MachineShop’s offering is collection of API-based services and tools for data acquisition and integration, device management and application enablement. Through our “Internet of Services,” organizations bridge the chasm between connected operational systems (OT) and their legacy IT and customer applications. MachineShop is the only software company that provides a common framework for deploying and managing services at the Edge and in the Cloud.

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