MachineShop Launches DeviceIQ to Simplify Deployment, Configuration and Management of New and Legacy IoT Devices 

New Offering Combines Web Application with Industry Leading Edge and Cloud Computing Platforms 

BOSTON, MA – July 14, 2016 – MachineShop, the leading provider of API-based device enablement, data integration and edge computing services today launched MachineShop DeviceIQ. MachineShop DeviceIQ simplifies the deployment, configuration, monitoring and management of connected devices. It combines the company’s Edge and Cloud Computing services with a new web application that completely eliminates the need for programming or running code libraries in other applications.


MachineShop DeviceIQ is much more than a dashboard to monitor the status of connected systems. Customers today are using the technology to manage gateways, controllers, embedded computers and attached data sources such as sensors. It is a full-featured configuration, monitoring and management solution that can work with thousands of different device types across different networks and communications protocols. Customers still have the option of working directly with MachineShop APIs to integrate these capabilities in their legacy applications. Whether through the application or APIs, there is also a wide range of administrative features that allow customers to create and manage groups of devices, users or customers based on roles and associated permissions.


“Our goal is to make deployment and management of IoT solutions as simple as possible – opening the domain to the millions of developers and organizations who build and manage enterprise and mobile applications everyday,” said MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell. The notion that developers should have to become embedded software experts or be certified in an IoT platform is absurd to us.”


Service Enablement for OEMs

MachineShop DeviceIQ combined with MachineShop Edge allows OEMs to deliver their products with a completely transformed, out-of-the-box experience as well as an ongoing service for updating and managing their products. Today, most hardware vendors have sophisticated SDKs, proprietary complex interfaces that slow down development and time to revenue for them and their customers. OEMs that work with MachineShop can offer a zero-touch configuration experience as well as the intuitive and feature rich web interface that comes with MachineShop DeviceIQ.


Multi-Vendor Device Management for Enterprises

The challenge facing enterprises is compounded by the fact that they rely on many different providers of hardware and network infrastructure. MachineShop provides a single pane of glass and management interface to Operational Technology (OT) systems and devices from virtually any vendor, running on any network, anywhere in the world. The API-based offering also makes it very easy for organizations to configure and manage these devices through existing service management or asset management systems.  


MachineShop DeviceIQ is available immediately and being used by customers worldwide today. Customers pay a small annual subscription that includes the web application for up to 100 users, access to the underlying APIs and the ability to deploy MachineShop Edge on up to 100,000 devices.


To learn more visit the MachineShop DeviceIQ webpage or email


About MachineShop

MachineShop is an enterprise software company focused on simplifying the way organizations integrate and act upon operational data and the systems that generate it. MachineShop’s offering is collection of API-based services and tools for data and device management, edge computing and application enablement. Through our “Internet of Services,” organizations bridge the chasm between connected operational systems (OT) and their legacy IT business systems and customer applications. MachineShop is the only software company that provides a common framework for deploying and managing services at the Edge and in the Cloud. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @MachineShopIO. 



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Hunter Phillips