MachineShop IoT Platform Overview

MachineShop pioneered the “API-ficiation” of enterprise IoT. We were the first and are the only IoT platform that is 100% API-based.

Different from traditional Enterprise middleware, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT Platforms MachineShop enables enterprises to build connected business and business models through an API-centric and services-based architecture.

The MachineShop IoT Platform

The MachineShop IoT Platform

Unlike any other IoT Platform, MachineShop operates as a collection of hundreds of services designed to decrease the time for development of enterprise applications. Each MachineShop service has a RESTful API that can be used for interfacing to our system.

The MachineShop Platform of Services Architecture

  • Compliant with Cisco IoT Blueprint for Edge Computing
  • Compliant with Industrial Internet Consortium open interoperability standards
  • Support for a wide variety of transport protocols: HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, COAP
  • Protocol and hardware agnostic: works seamlessly with any - including legacy - systems or devices without the need for agent software
  • API’s for Everything: Leverage REST APIs to work with devices, system and data - anywhere
  • Any Cloud: Connect to all major public cloud providers and private cloud configurations
  • Certified interoperable with many gateway devices

The Most Flexible and Agile IoT Platform

MachineShop delivers a 100% services-based architecture – created as atomic services with their own respective APIs. Giving you maximum flexibility, you can pick and choose specific services that are valuable without the requirement of deploying or licensing a large monolithic platform.

Connect to Any Data Source

APIs provided, include the ability to define, configure and receive information from data sources without requiring agent software or firmware modification. MachineShop is truly protocol and hardware agnostic, working seamlessly with any – including legacy - systems or devices.

Bi-directional Command and Control

As information from various end points is consumed into MachineShop, it can be analyzed in real-time for specific events or conditions that may be of interest. Rules can have a variety of actions, from simple user notifications to complex application notification methods. Actions can also interact with other MachineShop services to change the behavior of an endpoint.

API Management

MachineShop provides a rich set of API's that enable you to define your API endpoints, create custom API's, integrate to external third-party API's and more. This set of services includes the ability to meter and control usage and download information related to usage for potential monetization.

Highly Scalable

With MachineShop, you choose the depth and breadth of your deployment based on your business model and requirements for your applications. If there are services that are not needed for your solution, you have the freedom to scale to a smaller configuration instead of being forced into deploying more servers than necessary just to install the platform.

Deployment Autonomy & Flexibility

MachineShop is the only IoT middleware to provide its services-based technology in a variety of deployment models ranging from public cloud to on-premise to closed edge and hybrid.

Intelligence at the Edge

MachineShop EDGE is a deployment model designed for embedded gateways. Edge provides a scaled set of services using same services architecture as the MachineShop Cloud, offering specialized services for LAN environments.

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