OnLogic-EdgeIQ is an APN Partner solution that can be rapidly deployed on AWS.
Designed for industrial and embedded solutions, OnLogic leverages EdgeIQ and AWS IoT for feature-rich device management and integration to powerful AWS compute services at the edge and in the cloud. With the integrated solution, edge processing, serverless computing, machine learning, event management and secure data federation is offered as an out-of-the-factory capability.
OnLogic edge computers enabled with AWS IoT services and MachineShop’s EdgeIQ seamlessly extend AWS services to the edge. This allows industrial and embedded systems to leverage AWS Lambda functions, Machine Learning and the ability to act locally on edge generated data. Simultaneously, customers can leverage AWS cloud services for overall management, data and system analytics, and durable storage. The OnLogic industrial and rugged edge computers with factory-installed MachineShop EdgeIQ seamlessly delivers integrated edge and cloud compute capabilities with zero-touch deployment, monitoring and rich software update features.


Customers bring their own accounts and enter their credentials to automatically configure AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass; there is no need to pre-configure any of these services in advance.


Once connected to the appropriate network, EdgeIQ-enabled devices will receive all their necessary configurations, software updates, and AWS IoT Core and Greengrass credentials.

High Availability

Deploy AWS IoT Greengrass-enabled edge computers and endpoints in a managed and High Available architecture. Real time monitoring, alerting, re-start and auto-failover with seamless data capture.