MachineShop Platform

Under the hood of our turn-key solution is the MachineShop Platform. Our platform is an API-first distributed software platform that allows customers and their development partners to create completely bespoke solutions and even embed rich device management and orchestration capabilities in existing applications.

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MachineShop DRM™ is a powerful, yet easy to use, offering that provides immense value to your Product Management, Engineering and Services teams.

API-First Platform

MachineShop Platform is designed and built as a set of integrated services with a rich set of well documented RESTful APIs. These APIs can be executed remotely via our cloud service or even locally, at the edge. Our APIs not only allow customers to build new, custom applications, but they also allow you to call the services from within existing, external applications.

Flexible Edge Device Support

MachineShop Platform is available for a wide variety of Linux-based distributions. Utilizing advanced embedded software technologies, Our platform is optimized to operate in constrained hardware systems as well as larger infrastructures with more storage and processing capabilities. A complementary set of SDKs make integration with virtually any connected device simple and efficient.

Complete Remote Management

MachineShop’s platform operates as a parallel service to existing applications already running on connected edge devices and operate in parallel to your existing device management firmware. Configuration and software updates can be made at any time - from initial deployment through decommissioning, regardless of connectivity status.

Integrate With Your Existing Cloud Service and Enterprise Applications, Simply

Our platform has been designed to be fully integrated with numerous third-party cloud services such as AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, and IBM Watson IoT, among many others. The platform notifies and creates any applicable resource types and certificates required by those services, eliminating the need to create devices in each system manually.

Completely Personalized User Experience

We want your organization to be as successful as possible. That’s why our platform solution set provides a completely customizable multi-tenant, scalable user interface that can be branded for your organization. All users in your organizations can be assigned pre-configured or custom roles to allow for access and management of any device within their deployment.

Easily Integrate New Devices

Our platform comes pre-configured for a variety of standard interfaces allowing integration with a number of different device types including BACnet, Modbus IP, OPC-UA, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, CSV, and many others. In addition, our RESTful API’s custom interfaces can be implemented using a simple scripting languages like javascript.

Data Normalization

All data received by our platform is converted to standard JSON formatting for processing, analysis and delivery to your applications. Data normalization by MachineShop simplifies the aggregation and analysis of data from many disparate systems and eliminates the need for pre-processing in application silos.

Cloud and Edge Workflow Management

MachineShop Platform implements an array of logical operations that can be executed against any specific data report to create advanced workflows. These can be executed either directly on your devices at the edge, or via our cloud services. We support actions with HTTP, HTTPS, AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Watson IoT, Twilio, Postmark, and many more to make life easier for you and your team.


The MachineShop Platform is architected to allow you to deploy its services in virtually any public or private cloud, on-prem or near-prem device. Our Kubernetes-based architecture simplifies deployment and management of the various services that make up the platform.

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