MachineShop EdgeIQ is a comprehensive, cross-platform, device configuration, monitoring and management product that leverages the best of our Edge and Cloud computing technologies.

One of the greatest challenges in our connected world is the complexity, time and cost of deploying and managing devices. EdgeIQ is a highly extensible Web and API-based tool that will dramatically transform how OEMs and enterprises deal with the critical task of managing devices from SOCs to gateways and complete connected products.


  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Auto-download of settings, parameters and current firmware
  • Auto-download of translation templates for attached data sources
  • Verification of licenses and credentials
  • Network provisioning and settings management


  • Web UI for intuitive administration
  • Data acquisition and normalization
  • Data storage and management services
  • Local and cloud Rules, Events, Command/Control
  • Device management via rich set of REST APIs


  • Easily define and aggregate a multitude of device types from different vendors, locations and more
  • API-based control, configuration and management through third party applications, infrastructure and services
  • Simple consumption of data and events by legacy and new applications
  • API Management for secure federation of data and device management capabilities

Hardware vendors focus most of their resources on building great devices, secondarily on superior embedded software and lastly on the interfaces for developers and their applications. The proliferation of connected devices and embedded systems means that more and more developers are now working with hardware. The bad news is that these developers are not skilled hardware or embedded software developers – nor should they be. Millions of software developers have expertise with web and cloud services, APIs and the rapidly evolving tools for simplifying development, test and deployment. Today’s developers should not have to deal with object or source code libraries, command line interfaces or other old style, programming methods. The configuration, set up and management of devices should be delivered as a service and through API-based services and intuitive Web interfaces. EdgeIQ allows OEMs to ship devices that enable a simpler out of the box experience with zero touch configuration, no programming required. The device management service from MachineShop is seamlessly integrated MachineShop’s edge service which interfaces directly with a device’s native Linux OS, drivers or other interfaces so there are no changes required by the manufacturer. Beyond core device management, EdgeIQ also offers the power of other MachineShop services for data acquisition and management, local and cloud based rules, event management and command/control capabilities. These services can help transform hardware into a true computing platform.

Ultimately EdgeIQ solves a big problem for OEM’s customers while also allowing vendors to provide a valuable and simple service.

Organizations are increasingly leveraging real time data from a wide variety of connected systems, devices and data sources. The value of collecting, aggregating and acting upon this data is increasingly important and increasingly complicated. Every system, every device, every network, every vendor has a different interface, communications protocol, security model and more. MachineShop EdgeIQ serves as a cross-vendor device management layer that abstracts propriety data and device interfaces from new and legacy applications and their developers. EdgeIQ supports and manages hundreds of different device types and protocols. Management and control can be administered locally at the Edge or from a variety of Cloud resources. Because EdgeIQ is built entirely on MachineShop’s own API-based services and microservices, organizations can interact with devices through our simple web application or via secure API transactions. This means that operational devices can be configured, monitored and managed through asset management, ITSM, MDM or any other enterprise IT or OT platform. MachineShop’s flexible deployment model also means that device management can be administered locally via our Edge service or any combination of public and private cloud architecture. And beyond the core device management functionality, organizations and their developers can leverage a wide range of other data filtering and event management services to access the full value of MachineShop’s technology.

Device IQ was built for OEMs and Enterprise to simplify, accelerate and cost-reduce the deployment, configuration and management of connected devices. No other device management offering provides such rich functionality in a flexible architecture that truly bridges devices and data sources from the Edge to the Cloud.


To learn more, email engage@machineshop.io.