It All Starts at the Edge

MachineShop Edge is a set of services that run locally on small footprint embedded devices, micro-computers, gateways and other connected products. It is an API-based platform that dramatically simplifies device configuration and management while providing rich computing capabilities that don't require interaction with the Cloud.

MachineShop Edge is not merely an agent that connects to Cloud applications and infrastructure. MachineShop Edge is a standalone set of services that can monitor and manage range of connected devices, attached data sources and even the networks they operate on. While Edge can operate independent of the Cloud, it can also seamlessly coordinate with a set of companion services within MachineShop Cloud or other Cloud services. MachineShop Edge and Cloud software are managed through a common API framework.

MachineShop Edge is also deeply integrated with AWS IoT. Key benefits include seamless interaction between edge device management services with AWS IoT Device Shadows as well as simplified cross-account security and administration. Learn more about MachineShop Edge on AWS Marketplace.


Managing Systems and Devices

Cloud computing has transformed enterprise technology. But it can’t change the reality that operational data originates with physical systems and devices at the edge. These devices must be deployed, configured, monitored and managed and more often than not, it is far more complicated than it needs to be.


Data and Event Management

Connected products, systems and their underlying networks produce enormous amounts of data, much of which is meaningless and should be filtered so organizations can act upon information and events that are truly relevant. For that reason, beyond managing hardware, MachineShop Edge plays a critical role in filtering and enabling edge-based, real-time decision-making and event management.

MachineShop Edge is compiled code that runs on small footprint devices as a service on Linux. It can also be installed as a Docker Container or as a Snappy App under Ubuntu.
Its purpose is to simplify the configuration and management of edge devices and the integration of their data into broader systems and enterprise applications. A sample of its capabilities:
MachineShop’s services at the Edge or Cloud are 100% API-based which allows for simple configurability and maximum flexibility in application development and data integration. There is no specialized development environment, compiled-in code to run or tools that developers need to learn. MachineShop provides hundreds of unique APIs in a variety of categories:
Data Acquisition - Easy templates, tools and services for ingesting data from sensors and other attached data sources.
Rules & Events - Configure real time rules against real-time data to take action based on local conditions. ie... filtering to cloud, change device operations, notify applications, and others.
Local Data Storage and Management - Retrieve device data locally via RESTful API’s or push to other storage systems.
Device and Gateway Management - Simple integrated services to manage, monitor and configure the EDGE.
Administration and Security - Secure the EDGE using various authenticated mechanisms such as certificates, OAUTH, fingerprinting, and others.
Coordinated Cloud Services - Synchronize and manage the EDGE from a variety of cloud service providers using included services.