Everything Begins and Ends at the Edge

Edge Computing is just as important as Cloud Computing. That’s why MachineShop created the only platform 100% dedicated to delivering intelligence at the edge with intelligent integration to the Cloud.

MachineShop Edge is powerful computing platform that manages critical data and device management operations at the edge – where the devices actually are located and where data is initially generated.

MachineShop Edge runs on a wide variety of hardware platforms and can be implemented on legacy infrastructure. Running as a small footprint application under Linux, Edge can fit almost any environment from gateways, routers and even very small embedded systems and devices. No large memory or processor-intensive frameworks are required.


Explore the Powerful Capabilities of MachineShop Edge

Data Management

Data Management

Ingest. Translate. Filter. Store.

MachineShop Edge allows users to ingest or collect data from a wide variety of devices, sensors, gateways, routers and systems. Any connected ‘thing’ is a data source that we can help you understand, analyze and act upon – at the Edge!

MachineShop Edge converts data into a standard normalized format (JSON) regardless of its original format or protocol. This means that can then be consumed and acted upon by virtually any application running at the edge or the cloud.

Because only a subset of device data is actually relevant, Edge also lets users decide what data to store, what to forward and what to ignore. Data filtering and event management can happen locally which will dramatically lower the cost of transport, cloud storage and cloud computing. Local filtering and storage are all configurable through MachineShop Edge APIs or our web application, EdgeIQ.

Device Management

Device Management

Configure. Monitor. Manage.

MachineShop Edge simplifies the way you configure, monitor and manage devices.Hundreds and thousands of devices can be enabled for zero-touch configuration eliminatingunnecessary hours of setup or the possibility of human error that occurs through manualconfiguration.

The platform provides monitoring and remote diagnostic of edge device including gateways,routers and other attached data sources. MachineShop Edge integrates directly with anembedded OS, device drivers or other data elements used by the hardware vendor.

Users can determine what device information is important and how often they wantheartbeat or other messages to be transmitted. Settings can be changed and firmware canbe automatically updated based on a wide variety of configurable parameters.



Intelligence. Simplicity. Management.

Because only a subset of device data is actually relevant, Edge also lets users decide what data to store, what to forward and what to ignore and making decisions on data flow at the Edge is a critical requirement for many applications. Many devices at the edge are reporting with very high frequency which can create bottlenecks in your systems or lead to higher network costs.

Using the Edge Orchestration, you can define rules on how the data is routed, stored, or managed based on values reported from your devices allowing you to focus only on actionable data elements within your application. A wide variety of logical and arithmetic conditions are supported.

No code is required to implement Orchestrations in MachineShop Edge. Using our web configuration service, EdgeIQ, or using our RESTful API’s, you can define exactly how you want the device data to be exposed.

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