MachineShop DRM is CRM for Machines™

MachineShop Device Relationship Management (DRM) is the set of tools you need for managing your connected products through their entire lifecycle - from zero-touch deployment, to configuration, wellness monitoring, software updates and even de-commissioning.

Device Relationship Management provides missing management tools for a wide range of key stakeholders within your team and your customers’ organizations.

Your customers care about the way they deploy, monitor and manage your products - It’s time to take Device Relationship Management more seriously.


What Can MachineShop DRM™ Do For You?

MachineShop DRM™ is a powerful, yet easy to use, offering that provides immense value to your Product Management, Engineering and Services teams.


  • Define the set of products or devices that you want to deploy, monitor and manage
  • Upload devices individually or in volume with simple wizard-based tools
  • Define the attributes you want to actively monitor for individual or groups of devices
  • Define users that will have access to the system and manage what access privileges they will have


  • Define device and network configurations by product line, customer, geography and more
  • Zero-Touch Configuration remotely provides devices with their entire set of configuration settings upon deployment and initial boot
  • Configurations include credentials and certificates for upstream service, application and infrastructure integrations
  • Remotely schedule, automate or manually push new configurations to individual devices or any combination of device groups.


  • Define and manage parameters of heartbeat and wellness monitoring
  • Define and manage alert conditions and act upon device or network abnormalities
  • Retrieve diagnostic data reports on demand so you’re equipped with the information you need
  • Monitor, report and audit connection metadata to determine root cause of device reporting issues


  • Load and manage software images and files for download to devices
  • Configure devices with cached software versions for faster, more efficient software loads
  • Schedule reliable software updates for off-hours so your customers aren’t interrupted
  • Audit reports on software updates to see what’s been updated, and where failures might have occurred
  • Reliably issue device configuration changes at any time without a hitch


  • Decommissioning devices is as simple as deleting from service for both individual and groups of devices
  • Terminate devices regardless of connectivity status
  • Safely transmit sensitive data on end-of-life devices to the cloud
  • Receive detailed insight with Decommission Status Update reports

Learn How to Implement DRM in Your Organization