MachineShop CEO, Michael Campbell, to Speak About API Revolution at Boston IoT Meetup

Michael Campbell to speak on panel at Boston IoT meetup hosted by SmartBear Software

Boston, MA - April 8, 2015 - This Thursday marks the 5th Annual IoT Day and to celebrate, SmartBear Software is hosting a Boston/New England Internet of Things Meetup at its headquarters at Assembly Row in Somerville, MA. Expecting upwards of 200 attendees, the event will feature two panels including a low-level protocol and legacy device data management panel as well as a high-level protocol and API development panel.

Participating on the second panel is MachineShop’s President and CEO, Michael Campbell. He will be discussing how the API revolution is changing the way solutions are built and integrated, and how organizations can leverage information through API’s to unlock greater business value from their existing systems and assets.

As Campbell writes in a recent blog post, thanks to API’s, “Proprietary interfaces based on industry- and vendor-specific protocols can all be transformed in such a way that all of the IT and any developer of enterprise applications can interact with OT and IoT in a controlled, secure, manageable way.”

The event is being organized by a number of industry leaders including Owner of Stephenson Strategies, David Stephenson, Founder and Partner at INEX ADVISORS, Chris Rezendes, and Director of API Partner Development at SmartBear, Lorinda Brandon.

The Meetup kicks off Thursday April 9th, 2015 at 6:00pm EDT and is free to attend. Additionally, the entire event will also be streamed live here.  


About MachineShop:

MachineShop provides the on-ramp to the Internet of Services where trillions of transactions will occur between billions of physical things and their interactions with other systems, applications and people. MachineShop’s public or private Services Exchange allow customers to subscribe to thousands of unique, managed API-centric services regardless of whether they are developed by MachineShop, its customers or other third parties. For more information, visit or @MachineShopIO


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Ken Lynch