Enterprises and their Systems Integrators are increasingly incorporating operational data and events from physical systems and devices into their mainstream applications and business processes. Rather than the siloed view of IT and OT, organizations are embracing the notion of ‘Enterprise Technology’ which encompasses all sources of system, product, employee, customer and partner data.

MachineShop provides a powerful bridge between IT and OT that speaks the languages in both domains. We convert industrial protocols and proprietary data formats into normalized data structures that allow all stakeholders to engage the entire enterprise.

For MachineShop, IT-OT integration is more than just passing data from one system to the next. MachineShop Edge has powerful orchestration capabilities that can automate or trigger actions in upstream applications based on pre-defined events. Traditional IT or network management platforms can now monitor operational systems - factory lines, warehouse systems, security and safety systems and much more. All of this can be done with simple, standard and bi-directional integration interfaces.

Organizations do not need to make expensive investments in stand-alone IIoT platforms. With a lightweight edge computing platform, businesses can extract even more value from their legacy IT and OT investments. MachineShop provides the tools that allow organizations to exploit and integrate the power and possibilities of Edge Computing.

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