Large and small vendors alike are adapting their platforms and applications to interact with more operational data and the devices that generate it. The challenge for these traditional enterprise software companies is how to consume and respond to data and events from the physical domain. MachineShop provides a simple way for enterprise application vendors to consume and respond to data from devices and other operational systems.

It may be heresy, but we believe that most enterprises really do not require a standalone IoT or IIoT cloud platform because their existing enterprise software partners provide much richer and domain-specific capabilities around data analysis, business logic and business process management.

What ISVs need is a simple way to interact with edge data and devices. This interaction should be through common enterprise and IT methods such as RESTful APIs and MQTT, for example. It’s also important that the interaction is bidirectional. Once the business logic and expertise of the application is applied to the data, actions can and should be triggered that cause changes down at the operational system or device level. This all needs to be possible via local or cloud applications - providing maximum flexibility to the ISV and their customers.

The challenge with embracing edge data is that ISVs have limited experience and limited time, to spend translating the virtually limitless number of industrial protocols and proprietary vendor interfaces in the market today. Creating custom interfaces or understanding custom protocols is not, and should not be a core capability. MachineShop provides the tools that allow ISVs and their customers to exploit the power and possibilities of Edge Computing.

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