Powerful Computing - Where and When You Need it.

EdgeIQ for the Enterprise is not just a local agent for device communication, but a powerful, API-centric platform that helps you understand and manage the data and devices that comprise your operations - whether it’s a single location or a global ecosystem. EdgeIQ helps you distribute computing resources between the edge and the cloud - where and when you need them.

  • Interact with virtually any device - regardless of location, type, vendor or its network protocol
  • Collect, translate and normalize data from any edge device, anywhere
  • Federate data consumption into any cloud infrastructure, application or service
  • Incorporate device management functionality into legacy and new applications and services
  • Powerful orchestration capabilities automate intelligent workflows and integrations
  • Elegantly distribute your computing resources and costs between edge and cloud infrastructure.

EdgeIQ was designed as a distributed platform that allows you to deploy services in multiple locations while maintaining a common management plane in the cloud and/or various edge locations. EdgeIQ’s powerful orchestration capability automates intelligent workflows and integrations directly from the edge to any destination.

Bring Your Own Cloud

EdgeIQ has built-in integrations with common cloud platforms and infrastructure services. Whether you are using Azure IoT, AWS IoT, SAP Leonardo, Watson IoT, Oracle or virtually any cloud platform, EdgeIQ is completely agnostic to where you want to do the heavy lifting with aggregated data and global command-control.


Secure, cross-account integration with wide variety of platforms


API-centric architecture dramatically simplifies integration to new and legacy applications


Edge-Cloud orchestration can be configured and managed by local or cloud API or through our simple application interfaces, again at the edge or in the cloud.

Getting Started with EdgeIQ

Even most ambitious undertakings begin with small steps. We work with organizations large and small. But even our multi-national, multi-billion dollar customers start with a simple project and a single problem. Contact us today to discuss how we might be able to help you.