Software-defined and managed edge devices are the foundation of connected product businesses. Simplifying integration with external services, orchestrating and automating key workflows empowers customers and reduces the burden on service organizations. It also sets the stage for monetizing the true value of connected products and their impact throughout the entire value chain.
EdgeIQ Orchestration is comprised of four integrated and powerful tools for organizations which make and even those who use connected products.

Edge Service Management

Deploy applications and services to the edge at scale and with ease. Whether you deploy via container or as native applications, services can be deployed, monitored and updated. EdgeIQ’s zero-touch deployment and comprehensive software update management capabilities allow organizations to truly distribute powerful computing capabilities between the edge and cloud.

Data Orchestration

EdgeIQ simplifies device- and protocol-agnostic data ingestion, normalization, filtering and buffering. Data orchestration also allows organizations to look at data in context, make real-time decisions and take actions without requiring intermediary cloud service intervention. It also allows for data to be federated to multiple upstream applications and platforms to receive relevant data and events.

Cloud Service Integration Management

EdgeIQ Orchestration masks the complexity of integrating edge devices with local or cloud applications and quickly enables device integrations as part of its zero-touch deployment capabilities. Handling certificate management, cross account synchronization for multiple service integrations, EdgeIQ Orchestration eliminates time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual setup.

Workflow Automation

Policy-based workflow automation is the new norm for software defined networking and MachineShop delivers this capability for the billions of devices connected to these networks. Automating software update campaigns, event-based actions and even auto-creation of support tickets are delivered simply and at scale across your fleet of products.