Your customers expect comprehensive and reliable remote monitoring and management of the products you built and they deployed. The challenge for you is balancing foundational management requirements with the innovative features and world class support that caused customers to buy your product in the first place.
EdgeIQ Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) was purpose-built to address this challenge with simplicity at scale. EdgeIQ is low-footprint, configurable, non-intrusive software service for managing connected products through their entire lifecycle.
EdgeIQ is powerful, yet easy to use and integrate, software that provides deep functionality at each stage of devices’ lifecycle.

Onboard: Devices and Users

Easily define device and user profiles based on your business logic and quickly upload device information individually or in bulk.


Provision: Devices Auto-Configure

With zero touch deployment, automatically configure and update devices on initial power-up.


Monitor: Device and Network Wellness

Monitor device and network wellness using configurable policies that trigger notifications and other EdgeIQ actions.


Update: Device Software and Configuration

Schedule software updates with built-in software updates retry management for OS, firmware, applications, third party services and integrations based on specific devices, groups, accounts, locations, channel partners, networks and more.


Retire: Decommission Devices

Effortlessly remove both individual and groups of devices as needed from service regardless of connectivity status.