Enable Your Software Product with Edge Data and Device Management Capabilities

You build software that solves important customer problems. But now you need to include operational data from the edge and even the ability to deliver downstream command/control functionality. MachineShop can instantly transform your cloud-based platform, or even your edge application, into a power edge-to-cloud solution. You need to share the stage with always-expanding IoT platform vendors - retain ownership of your customer by delivering incremental value through simple API-based services.

Whether your application solves a horizontal technology problem or offers a solution for a vertical market, you certainly face the challenge of incorporating operational data from the edge and its physical devices and systems.

But your product’s power lies in its core business logic, workflows and domain specialization. EdgeIQ for ISVs allows you to keep focusing on what makes your product unique and valuable to customers while extending the reach of data it can consume and functional reach to the edge. You won’t need to build listeners or normalize non-IP data streams and proprietary vendor data formats. EdgeIQ will transform everything into normalized JSON name:value pairs.

Likewise, commands can be sent back downstream to edge systems in the structure and over the protocol that destination devices understand. All the work is handled by EdgeIQ so you can focus on actually solving the customer’s business problem. All this is done through simple RESTful APIs and there is no need for an expensive, inflexible IoT platform creeping into your domain.

Brilliantly Simple Edge Computing

Balance your computing resources, cut costs and decision-making latency.

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