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The Oil and Gas industry is one of the most capital intensive and highly distributed value chains in the world. Some of the most important and expensive processes - exploration, extraction and production - can take place thousands of miles from operational decision-makers. Midstream and downstream operations can be equally complicated and critical to maximizing revenue and profits.

EdgeIQ for Oil & Gas combines two essential elements of operations management. At the edge, MachineShop provides device management, data collection, analysis and event management. Our intelligent orchestration service delivers normalized, filtered data to command and control centers where analysts get a granular and global view of operations. Our strategic partner, Travis Insights, creates rich, interactive operational data visualization, reporting, asset tracking and command control capabilities where key decision-makers can confidently interact with systems thousands of miles away.

EdgeIQ distributes intelligence and management between the edge and any cloud or data center. The resulting architecture allocates resources rationally and economically while minimizing or eliminating latency for business-critical decisions and actions.

Features Include:

  • Real-time data collection from any device/sensor or any network
  • Data normalization, analysis and filtering - at the edge - provides contextual, actionable data
  • Local, real-time event management based on rules that can be easily configured remotely by authorized users
  • Optional local data storage
  • Secure federation of normalized and filtered data to upstream EdgeIQ application service
  • Application service customizable based on organizational and user requirements.
  • Application aggregates data from a single or multitude of sources with unparalleled UI/UX highlighting critical information including pre-defined events and alerts by event, location, system type, customer or partner.
  • EdgeIQ also exposes all data and events through RESTful APIs allowing organizations to integrate with operational historians or other critical legacy systems.

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