EdgeIQ™ is a feature-rich, vendor-agnostic device configuration, monitoring and management application. EdgeIQ simplifies the way organizations manage edge devices, gateways and the services they connect to both locally and in the cloud. Versions of EdgeIQ are available for local-only deployments, or via the Cloud for remote management of devices virtually anywhere in the world. Like MachineShop Edge, EdgeIQ can actually be used to manage anything from a fully developed connected product all the way down to embedded computers.

EdgeIQ delivers the power of the MachineShop Edge platform while eliminating the need for any programming or even API-configuration. The application’s simple interface allows users with no technical expertise to perform important device deployment, monitoring and management functions.

  • Enable zero-touch configuration across multiple device types, firmware versions and networks.
  • Configure devices to report, filter, store and forward important data elements
  • Monitor status of devices and take action, in real time, based on defined events
  • Manage users, groups, security settings
  • Define rules and orchestrations across all devices and data elements
  • Manage integrations to local and cloud services

EdgeIQ - Remote Management Simplified

Complete Control of your Devices at the Edge

  • Organize your devices into groups or locations to simplify configuration and setup
  • Easily automate device upgrades for firmware or configuration changes
  • Check the status of your devices with definable heartbeats
  • Adjust and update orchestrations with a simple to use web UI
  • Create dashboards and reports for your most common metrics
  • Manage gateways and devices seamlessly

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