Everything Starts at the Edge

The digital revolution begins in the physical world. And so do we.

EdgeIQ is a distributed software platform that helps hyperconnected and highly distributed businesses manage their connected products and real world systems. We do this, first and foremost, at the edge.

API-First Platform

EdgeIQ has a complete set of RESTful API's that can be utilized to create a wide variety of applications. Our API's can be executed from either from our cloud platform or directly at the Edge. The API interfaces can also be used to direct data to external applications.

Flexible Edge Configuration

EdgeIQ is available for a wide variety of Linux platforms. Utilizing advanced embedded software technologies, EdgeIQ is designed to operate on systems large and small.

Complete Remote Management

EdgeIQ operates as a parallel service to existing applications that are running at the Edge allowing independent Device Lifecycle Management (DLM). Configuration and software updates can be applied to devices from initial deployment to decommissioning even when the device has periodic connectivity.

Simple Cloud Service Integration

EdgeIQ has been designed to fully integrate with a number of third-party cloud services including: AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, and IBM Watson IoT. EdgeIQ notifies and creates any applicable resource types and certificates required by those services eliminating the need to create devices in multiple systems manually.

Customizable User Experience

EdgeIQ provides a completely customizable multi-tenant, scalable, user interface that can be easily branded for any customer application. Users can be assigned a wide variety of pre-configured or custom roles to allow for access and management of any device within their deployments.

Easily Integrate New Devices

The platform comes pre-configured for a variety of standard interfaces allowing system interfaces with many different types of devices including: BACnet, Modbus IP, OPC-UA, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, CSV, and many others. In addition, our RESTful API's custom interfaces can be implemented using simple scripting languages like javascript.

Data Normalization

All data that is received by EdgeIQ is converted to standard JSON format for delivery to applications. In addition, this data can be normalized to standard values or formats in order to equalize information from disparate services.

Cloud and Edge Workflow Management

EdgeIQ implements an array of logical operations that can be executed against any specific data report to create advanced workflows, and can be executed either directly in the Edge device or in the EdgeIQ cloud. Supported actions include: HTTP, HTTPS, AWS, Azure, Watson, Twillio, Postmark, and many others.


EdgeIQ is architected to allow organizations the ability to deploy the platform's services in virtually any public cloud, private cloud, on-prem or near prem device. Our Kubernetes-based architecture simplifies deployment and management of the various services that make up the platform.


Brilliantly Simple Edge Computing

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