Bridging the Physical and Digital Domains

The edge is the real world. It’s where living and nonliving things coexist, a continuous cycle of actions and reactions. These interactions produce enormous amounts of data - some valuable, some invaluable. Rational organizations and architectures will distribute computing power, and the costs, between the edge and the cloud. They will rationalize what data to transmit, store and analyze locally and tell you when it’s valuable in the cloud.

Through MachineShop’s Edge to Cloud Orchestration capabilities, you have the power to automate and orchestrate the collection, analysis and integration of operational data locally, as well as provide a simple and seamless connection to virtually any cloud application or platform.

  • All of your edge and cloud services are controllable through RESTful APIs
  • Customize your dashboard with our intuitive, configurable and brandable interface
  • Intelligent and automated workflows including rule-based actions that are triggered by events and data you determine to help your business
  • Manage your data and devices through any IoT platform - from anywhere at anytime
  • Have the option of local configuration or with our Edge IQ platform service

Brilliantly Simple Edge Computing

Balance your computing resources, cut costs and decision-making latency.

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