The edge is the real world - it’s where living and nonliving things coexist, interact in a continuous cycle of actions and reactions. These interactions produce enormous amounts of data - some valuable, some invaluable. Rational organizations and architectures will distribute computing power, and the costs, between the edge and the cloud. They will rationalize what data to transmit, store and analyze locally and when its valuable in the cloud.

MachineShop’s platform can automate and orchestrate the collection, analysis and integration of operational data locally and then provide a simple and seamless link to virtually any cloud application or platform. The edge platform is configurable locally, with no intervention from the cloud at all but also can be configured via our EdgeIQ application service.

In addition to local data storage and application integration, MachineShop provides simple and secure integration with AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT and Microsoft Azure IOT. There are also a growing number of legacy enterprise applications with direct integration to MachineShop Edge. MachineShop provides the tools that allow organizations to exploit and integrate the power and possibilities of Edge Computing.

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