Edge Data Management

MachineShop Edge Data Management allows users to ingest and collect the data that lives on the edge of your devices, sensors, gateways, routers, modems and systems. Any connected ‘thing’ is a source of data and something we can help you understand, analyze and act upon - All through our Brilliantly Simple Access and Intelligence!

Additionally, Edge Data Management converts data into a standard normalized format (JSON) regardless of its original format or protocol. This means that it can then be consumed and acted upon by virtually any application running at the edge or the cloud.

Because only a subset of device data is actually relevant, Edge Data Management also allows you to decide what data you want to store, what to forward and what to ignore.

Data filtering and event management can happen locally which dramatically lowers the cost of transport, cloud storage and cloud computing. Local filtering and storage are all configurable thorough Edge IQ, or through Edge Data Management APIs.

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