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DeviceIQ™ from MachineShop is a set of rich, device-agnostic capabilities that allow you and your customers to deploy, configure, monitor and manage smart connected products at scale. As product managers, engineers, support and business managers, there are many important requirements that demand your team’s constant attention. DLM from MachineShop delivers a valuable service that allows you to focus on those most critical requirements of your products.


Onboarding and Classification

Set of features that allow device manufacturers and their customers to identify, define and onboard several or thousands of connected devices that are to be deployed, configured, monitored and managed. These devices can be grouped and classified by a wide range of parameters, e.g. customer, location, software version, SKU, etc.

  • Individual and bulk device provisioning
  • Classify devices into groups for onboarding and provisioning
  • Display and download list of installed devices and their configurations
  • Define new device models and default parameters
  • Filter and Display devices and configuration information by Name, Location, Software version, Last Report, Model and Group
  • Regroup devices individually or via bulk provisioning

Configuration Management

Specific configuration parameters of the device and the network can be established at any point in the device lifecycle including at manufacturing, pre-deployment, deployment and post-deployment. These features allow for zero-touch configuration and/or remote configuration changes and even dynamic configuration changes even when the device is currently offline. The configuration applies not just to the device itself but to network parameters associated with various network types, e.g. WAN, WLAN, etc.

  • Configuration changes for individual and groups of devices
  • Off-line and asynchronous configuration changes
  • Set LAN network parameters - IP, DHCP, DNS
  • Set WAN network parameters - IP, DHCP, DNS, Cellular
  • Set configuration parameters for attached devices (FUTURE)
  • Configure edge-based orchestrations for various events, integrations and other intelligent workflows
  • Acquire required integration credentials and certificates for cloud providers or enterprise applications

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Based on configurable time-interval parameters, devices send heartbeat messages regarding their status that can be stored, forwarded and analyzed for performance and preventative maintenance. Automatically detect, report and/or act on anomalies and outliers.  Wellness monitoring is above and beyond data that devices gather about their operating environment, from sensors, etc.

  • Retrieve diagnostic data on demand
  • Define events based on reporting intervals for notifications
  • Configurable heartbeat information and reporting interval
  • Low bandwidth binary encrypted heartbeat messages

Software Update Management

Prepare, schedule, automate and validate secure, reliable software updates to edge network infrastructure and edge devices.

  • Administrative interface to load and manage software images
  • Define available images per device model
  • Deliver software updates to individual devices or groups
  • Offline and online software updating
  • Retrieve reports on software update job status
  • Schedule Software updates
  • Display or download reports for devices based on current software version
  • Audit reports on software updates


Remove devices from active monitoring and management. Use update management to terminate connectivity, reporting and stop data transmission to subscribing applications and services. Send decommission requests and commands via API to subscribing integrated services.

  • Decommission individual devices
  • Bulk decommission of devices via CSV Upload
  • Offline and Online decommission of devices
  • Decommission Status Update reporting
  • Ability to change configurations of devices prior to decommissioning

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