Your Business Begins at the Edge — And So Does Ours

Your world is hyper-connected and highly distributed. We created the EdgeIQ software platform specifically for you - managing smart products, operational systems and balancing computing resources between the edge and the cloud.  

Connected Products

You have an overwhelming number of product and customer challenges. MachineShop’s Device Lifecycle Management offering was created just for you.


You manage the challenges and opportunities of connected operations and ecosystems more than anyone. Thousands of systems from dozens of suppliers all connected to different wired and wireless networks.

Software Vendors

Bring the value of normalized and aggregated data from edge devices into your application or platform with a simple API call.

Specialized Market Solutions

MachineShop encompasses special offerings for vertical markets and other key technology segments.

Our Solutions

Connect. Integrate. Orchestrate.

The Power of Edge Computing isn’t merely connecting the physical world to the cloud. It is not merely integrating operational data to your applications. Brilliantly Simple Edge Computing provides elegant and intelligent orchestration among all the pieces of highly distributed and hyper-connected world.

Device Lifecycle Management

We simplify the deployment, monitoring and management of connected products so you can focus on its strategic customer value

Edge Data Management

We streamline the ingestion, translation, filtering, and federation of all your data that lives on the edge for you to understand and act upon

Edge to Cloud Orchestration

We give you the power to automate the collection, analysis, and integration of data, allowing you to connect to any cloud application or platform

Device Lifecycle Management

Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) from MachineShop provides the technology to manage connected assets and products from configuration, administration, monitoring, updating and even decommissioning. Our turn-key offering allows product management, engineering and support organizations to focus on the core functional and user experience priorities.

Edge Data Management

MachineShop makes it easier for organizations to capture, understand and federate critical operational data - where and when it is generated. Removing latency in key processes is one of the most valuable benefits of edge computing. Edge Data Management also means providing normalized data to upstream services and applications - wherever they are.

Edge to Cloud Orchestration

The Edge and Cloud are two highly complementary and distributed nodes in a well balanced enterprise architecture. MachineShop’s Orchestration services automate key workflows and integrations that allow organizations to achieve the perfect balance in their hyperconnected and highly distributed world

True, Meaningful Partnerships

We partner with some of the most influential technology companies in the world to deliver effective solutions for our customers. Our net is wide and our impact is deep.

Our Partners

News and Resources from the Edge

  • Distributed Computing Edge Dell VMWorld VMware

    Edgy News Out of VMworld and Las Vegas

    Of all the potential competitors and partners I enjoy following in the market - VMware is one of my favorites. And there was a flurry of IoT and Edge Computing announcements, tweets and blog posts coming out of VMworld this past week in Las Vegas and from their parent company Dell in parallel. It’s interesting to note that the two were really quite coordinated in terms of content and messaging during VMworld 2018. By the way - nice tattoo Pat. Though I don’t know how they reconcile the significant investment Dell is making in the EdgeX Foundry or the investments Dell makes in software companies that compete with VMware IoT Pulse. I like VMware because, unlike a number of the legacy enterprise software and network providers, they have a real solution, something customers can deploy and use. Like VMware, MachineShop offers a solution, not just a kernel of technology that a team of developers and integrators can turn into a solution 6 months and $1M later. And while the recent announcement of Pulse IoT Center 2.0 includes some new features that MachineShop has offered for quite some time, they are the things customers need to really deploy and manage edge infrastructure and devices.

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  • Technology Events Device Management

    Reflections from the Field - Field Service East

    A small team from MachineShop descended upon Amelia Island for Field Service East - a gathering of more than 300 professionals dedicated to best practices and technologies that will improve how organizations serve remote customers and products. As first time attendees we were curious about the aspirations of leaders within this segment. Service is the critical link to customer retention, reducing operational expenses, but also growing revenue through new revenue streams - most often service revenue streams.

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  • News

    MachineShop Adds Industry Veteran Mike Wills To Board Of Directors

    Boston, July 19, 2018: MachineShop, the Edge Computing Company today announced the election of Mike Wills to its Board of Directors. Wills has spent the past thirty years building and running global sales and operations organizations in enterprise and industrial market segments. Today he is the Chief Revenue Office of Apex Supply Chain Solutions, a provider of automated point-of-use dispensing and supply chain technologies.

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