MachineShop simplifies the way organizations integrate and act upon operational data and the systems that generate it.


Data Acquisition and Management

MachineShop simplifies data ingestion and management for developers and their applications. Configurable translation tools, API-based data filtering, storage and management for any device or data source.


API-fication of IoT

Device Management

MachineShop provides a multi-vendor, protocol-agnostic service for simplifying the configuration, monitoring and management for almost any connected device.


Modernizing IoT Infrastructure

Edge Computing

With MachineShop, gateways, routers, SOCs and other Embedded Computers can become powerful computing platforms – not merely communications devices to the Cloud.


Platform of Services

MachineShop is not a typical platform, but a collection of hundreds of unique services with RESTful APIs that developers choose from - like building blocks - to create and integrate applications and solutions.

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Deployment Autonomy & Flexibility

MachineShop is the only IoT middleware to provide its services-based technology in a variety of deployment models ranging from public cloud to on-prem to closed edge and hybrid.

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MachineShop’s Ecosystem