Many Stakeholders - Infinite Challenges

Many people in your organization care about the lifecycle of your connected product. Providing visibility and control from product planning to decommissioning is a tremendous and expensive challenge.


Director, Product Management

I have a backlog of requirements that will take over 2 years to execute. How we remotely monitor and manage our products keep slipping to the bottom of the list.


Director, Engineering

We need a more reliable device management capability, but I also need a solution that doesn’t impact my existing embedded firmware which we wrote and maintain in-house.


Vice President, Field Service

Our inability to automate software updates has become a costly process and huge investment of our time. Every customer is unique and I’m supporting a wide range of legacy and new products.


Vice President, North American Sales

We’ve moved from selling pure hardware to smart systems with a services component. I need assurance that we are providing a real service to our customers, one they can rely on for the wellness of their operations.

CRM for Machines™
MachineShop Device Relationship Management

Why do you use third party CRM software to manage your customer relationships, but not your device relationships?


MachineShop DRM™, for Device Relationship Management, is a powerful tool that solves lifecycle management challenges of organizations who make, sell and support connected products and the millions of customers who use them.

There is no more effective tool to help you simplify and scale the way you deploy, configure, monitor and manage the very essence of your business - the products your customers use every day. MachineShop DRM also easily integrates with your existing tools for CRM, Field Service Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Entitlements Management and Monetization.

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