MachineShop is architected as a collection of discrete services that can be consumed individually or in clusters, with an unlimited number of APIs.  It is the only middleware software designed to run virtually anywhere including the public cloud, private cloud, embedded or hybrid.

MachineShop Cloud

MachineShop can be deployed and managed in a variety of environments. Our standard shared service is deployed against a large set of load balanced EC2 instances using Amazon Web Services. We monitor and manage this service 24/7 to ensure a high level of service availability and scalability.

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On-Premise & Private Cloud

In addition to a shared cloud environment, MachineShop can be deployed in a private, behind the firewall, set of servers as required. Optionally, MachineShop can manage and monitor these deployments if the hosting center is accessible to our support team.

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MachineShop EDGE

This unique capability is extremely useful to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the maker community with requirements to run sophisticated data and business intelligence services on intelligent devices and gateways, supporting networks, and closed environments that have limited or no access to wide area networks (WAN) such as the Internet.

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Hybrid Deployment

An IoT Platform must support the highly distributed realities of the connected Enterprise. MachineShop provides the capability of a blended model where some of the services may be using our shared instance and others can be behind a firewall. Hybrid models can be deployed using VPN connections. Optional data storage options are also available for complete management and control.

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