By Mary Gorges

It’s getting harder to go anywhere where there’s not a mounted camera (even in people’s homes). They’re becoming so ubiquitous that shoppers hardly notice them …especially during the busy holidays. But businesses are starting to take great notice, and realizing there’s more value from a security or surveillance camera than just a live view of shoppers. It’s the intelligence in the video that’s helping companies stay competitive.

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By Mary Catherine O’Connor

When financial-services security firm Diebold was founded 155 years ago, banks and their assets were secured through forged steel and sturdy locks. But the Ohio-based company long ago expanded from simply making bank safes to providing a range of security services to the financial industry. As security systems and surveillance cameras have proliferated and become increasingly capable and complex, Diebold saw the need for a central dashboard through which it could establish reliable communications with these disparate systems. The result is SecureStat, an online security-management service that Diebold offers to its banking customers on a subscription basis.

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By Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer, MachineShop

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how connected endpoints can help revolutionize the way businesses collect and process information from Operational Technology (OT) systems, but there are huge challenges in accessing the information and making it accessible to your other business systems, employees and business partners.

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By Sara Castellanos, Technology Reporter-Boston Business Journal

Analysts predict that by 2020, there will be 50 billion wirelessly connected devices across the world. That’s five times more than there are today. At the forefront of this technological revolution — commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things” — is a little Boston-based company called MachineShop.

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By Jeff Bertolucci, InformationWeek

Startup’s API Services Exchange aims to simplify interactions among the Internet of Things’ billions of connected devices, applications, and systems.

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By Stacey Higginbotham, GIGAOM

Getting machines online isn’t a big problem in the sensor-laden world of the enterprise, but figuring out how to turn that data into a web-facing service is tough. MachineShop wants to help.

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By Nancy Gohring, CITEworkd

The Internet of Things has an interconnection problem. Users and vendors alike are realizing that a single stream of information, from a fitness tracker or a thermostat, is far less useful than analytics that can come from combining many different streams.

But that discussion is often focused on the problem facing the consumer world. “Frankly, the problem there is easy,” said Michael Campbell, president and CEO of MachineShop. “Try translating that to a set of rusty dusty infrastructure technologies now being connected to the Internet for the first time.”

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