MachineShop Announces Support for MQTT Open Protocol


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MachineShop Connected Services Platform


MachineShop provides the foundational building blocks for IT/OT convergence, transforming the way organizations create and integrate connected business solutions. Through a unique and modern approach, we API-enable operational systems and data so that operational technology (OT) speaks the same language as information technology (IT).

Platform of Services

Devices and Data Sources

With unique translator and connector services you can add, connect and manage nearly any device, system or source of data, including those with proprietary protocols.

Business Rules

Easily set up business rules, workflows and device controls that can be applied to aggregated and normalized data from any project in any domain. Create basic or complex rules that monitor raw data and trigger alerts or initiate specific actions in real-time.

Alerts and Notifications

Sophisticated Notification Services for user alerts, notifications and application call back. Notifications and alerts can be applied in real time against constant streams of data.


A rich set of developer resources including tools for integrating third-party APIs, support for OAUTH1 rotating keys, storage and retrieval services, and notification options including email and SMS from client applications.

User Management

User administration and authentication services per application and user account. Account specific usage information is available in the MachineShop developer portal in real-time.

API Management

API Management capabilities to authenticate, meter, monitor and manage every interaction and transaction in your connected ecosystem. Aggregate third party APIs and create and publish your own APIs with MachineShop’s rich, out-of-the-box Services.


MachineShop CLOUD

Combine data extraction and normalization with business logic services, all expressed as APIs in one common framework. Services can run in the public cloud, on premise or function as a hybrid.

MachineShop Private CLOUD

All the features and capabilities of the MachineShop CLOUD offering deployed in a customer determined privately secured environment.

MachineShop EDGE

A specialized configuration of the MachineShop Connected Services Platform allows for operation on an embedded appliance with limited memory and processor capabilities.

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