MachineShop is a next generation middleware company that unlocks, exposes and manages data from connected systems, events and business processes without the need for traditional and proprietary platforms.

We transform interfaces to every data end point, network and business object into services and APIs – Everything as a Service

Why MachineShop?

Engaging the connected world, particularly systems and operational technology in the enterprise, is a unique and BIG challenge. MachineShop was created to provide a compelling alternative to traditional middleware platforms. Discrete, purpose-built APIs are disrupting the ways of old - long live the Internet of Services.

It’s not enough to be a
Platform with APIs.
Today you must be a
platform of Services.

Discover MachineShop

Data Services
MachineShop Data Services normalize the interfaces to virtually any source of data with unique value around physical systems and device interaction within the Internet of Things.Learn More
Business Logic Services
MachineShop provides a rich set of Business Logic Services that allow developers and applications to filter the noise and focus on information and events that drive decisions and actions.Learn More
Service Utilities
Because the Internet of Services will support trillions of transactions between systems and applications, Service visibility, assurance and control is an essential – and it’s an essential part of our value.Learn More

Services Exchange

Your window to the Internet of Services

Whether public or private, a Services Exchange is how developers and organizations interact with the hundreds and thousands of discrete APIs and services that allow you to build, integrate and manage the Internet of Everything. Best of breed tools, reports, analytics and controls are all part of your Internet of Services.

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Get on the on-ramp to the Internet of Services