Edge computing is the next frontier in enterprise technology.

The laws of physics and economics won’t allow organizations to transmit zetabytes of data to central clouds and data centers when information can be understood and acted upon where it is actually generated – at the Edge.

The Edge and the Cloud can work in perfect harmony – intelligently allocating resources and compute power where and when they are needed. This is what MachineShop does.

MachineShop Edge Computing Platform

MachineShop Edge is a powerful yet compact platform that allows organizations to handle data-intensive and device-centric computing functions at the edge of the network. The platform also simplifies integration with virtually any local application or cloud service through RESTful APIs and standard communications protocols.

Data Management

Effortlessly consume, understand, filter, store and forward data and events that matter most....

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Device Management

Configure, monitor and manage gateways, routers and any attached device or data source....

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Integrate key data and events seamless to local applications or any cloud IaaS, PaaS or SaaS....

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Manage and secure access to data, devices, integrations and other platform features....

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Harness the intelligence of an orchestration engine that directs traffic, implements rules and much more....

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