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MachineShop is an API-centric IoT platform company that simplifies the way organizations access, understand and act upon real world events in real time.

MQTT API IoT Platform

Press Release

MachineShop supports MQTT open protocol, enhancing its IoT middleware with expanded support for embedded systems and devices.

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API Industrial IoT Platform

Redefining IoT Platforms

MachineShop pioneered the API-centric approach to Enterprise IoT. We were the first and are the only IoT platform that is 100% API based.

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API IoT Platform

Modernizing IoT Infrastructure

MachineShop is a collection of hundreds of unique services with RESTful APIs - like building blocks - to create and integrate applications and solutioins.

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Platform of Services

MachineShop is not a typical platform, but a collection of hundreds of unique services with RESTful APIs that developers choose from - like building blocks - to create and integrate applications and solutions.

Specifically built for IT/OT integration, MachineShop provides all the backend services needed to create valuable business applications. With a focus on performance and reliability, MachineShop is specifically designed and engineered for the most demanding enterprise solutions.

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Deployment Autonomy & Flexibility

MachineShop is the only IoT middleware to provide its services-based technology in a variety of deployment models ranging from public cloud to on-prem to closed edge and hybrid.

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Anatomy of a MachineShop Enabled Solution: Manufacturing

IoT is here now but integration does not need to be risky, painful or unsustainable if one takes steps to future-proof with an approach that makes every enabled endpoint a “proper” citizen within the infrastructure.Read More

Gartner SPI IoT Analyst Report

What CIOs need to know about IT/OT Convergence. New Strategic Insights featuring research from Gartner.Click Here To Access

Tools From the Shop

Put a REST-ful interface on that translated data and all of the sudden your “things” look less like “things” and more like API endpoints.Read More

MachineShop’s Ecosystem

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