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MachineShop Overview


MachineShop removes the complexity of integrating the physical and digital domains - translating raw data into actionable intelligence and bringing the power and simplicity of APIs to IoT and the Industrial Internet.

Platform of Services

Unlike older generation Platforms, MachineShop provides a rich set of Services within all levels of our middleware Platform that allows for easy integration to your application using industry-standard RESTful API's. Applications can interact at any level within our Platform, allowing customers to maximum value and control.

Specifically built for IT/OT integration, MachineShop provides all the backend services needed to create valuable business applications. With a focus on performance and reliability, MachineShop is specifically designed and engineered for the most demanding enterprise solutions.


MachineShop provides its services-based technology in a variety of deployment models ranging from closed edge to public cloud and every mode in between.

MachineShop CLOUD

MachineShop CLOUD

MachineShop is architected as a collection of discrete services that can be consumed individually or in clusters, with an unlimited number of APIs.

Combine data extraction and normalization with business logic services, all expressed as APIs in one common framework. Services can run in the public cloud, on premise or function as a hybrid. All the features and capabilities of the MachineShop CLOUD offering can also be deployed in a customer determined privately secured environment. 

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MachineShop EDGE

MachineShop EDGE

A specialized configuration of MachineShop allows for operation on an embedded appliance with limited memory and processor capabilities.

MachineShop EDGE is extremely useful to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the maker community with requirements to run sophisticated data and business intelligence services on intelligent devices and gateways, supporting networks, and closed environments that have limited or no access to wide area networks (WAN) such as the Internet.

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